Please Upload your artwork when placing an order via the Blue 'Upload your file' Button. 

Or failing that, please send your artwrok alongside your Order number to

Please get in touch

Send any burning artwork questions our way, but let us pre-empt some of the bits you might like to know:

What files do we work with? PDF, JPEG & TIFF.

What's the maximum ink coverage? Ink coverage needs to be restricted to 30%.

What are 'Trim Marks'? Trim marks or lines show where the product is cut down to size & refers to the end of the paper or finished size of a product.

What should I know about the bleed? That's the bit between the trim marks & the rest of the paper & needs continued colour or design from your artwork. It gets chopped off but guarantees no unprinted edges in the final product. Bleed marks are usually 3mm.

What's the deal with colour variation? Colour on your screen & on a printed page may look different. The science bit: screens are backlit while paper reflects colour. If the tone or shade is critical, contact us & we'll do our best to get the result you want.

Can I get a sneak preview? In the biz we like to call it proofing, & we'll always send you a proof copy before we print.