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Seed print


We can’t take away the post-festival blues. We can’t bring back forgotten memories of the headline act thanks to one too many beverages. We can provide wristbands embedded with seeds to keep the dream alive.

Instead of dangling off a door knob or festering away at the back of a drawer for decades, punters can plant their event wristbands to grow wild flowers*.

Sustainable. Zero waste. And environmentally friendly. Just call it the triple threat wristband.

*Making a jazzy bohemian headband out of the flowers for next year’s festival is optional.

  • Made from fully recycled paper
  • Embedded with UK native wildflower seeds

Print. Plant. Grow.

Size = 15mm x 210mm 

Wrist band tape added to inside top end. 


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Made from 100% post-consumable waste - Wild Flower Seeds


3-5 Working days Posted Via Royal Mail


90mm x 90mm (Unfolded)

90mm x 45mm (Folded)

Samantha & Anton

Here, Samantha and Anton wanted to leave a lasting impression with their wedding guests. Planting wild flowers to their future!