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Seed print


Calendars. Excellent for many things. Remembering birthdays. Remembering meetings. Remembering things you want to get out of: “Terrible headache.” “Really snowed under with work.” “Kids being a nightmare. Again!”

But also excellent for sustainability.

Once you’ve navigated that busy week/month/year, just pop your pages in the ground, water & watch the wild flowers happen.

  • Made from fully recycled paper
  • Embedded with UK native wildflower seeds
  • Size 145 x 150 mm
  • 12 months printed double-sided on 6 sheets

Print. Plant. Grow.

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Made from 100% post-consumable waste - Wild Flower Seeds


3-5 Working days Posted Via Royal Mail


90mm x 90mm (Unfolded)

90mm x 45mm (Folded)

Samantha & Anton

Here, Samantha and Anton wanted to leave a lasting impression with their wedding guests. Planting wild flowers to their future!