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Seed print

Order of Service

There’s something pretty symbolic about having a beautiful batch of flowers grow after commemorating someone you loved.

Our personalised Order of Service cards are embedded with UK native wild flower seeds, so when they’re popped in the soil and watered, you get to watch them bloom. Serving as a continual nudge to remember all the best bits about that keen gardener, flower lover or full-of-life loved one.

You pick the perfect planting spot. We’ll make the sustainable magic happen.

  • Made from fully recycled paper
  • Embedded with UK native wildflower seeds

Print. Plant. Grow.

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Made from 100% post-consumable waste - Wild Flower Seeds

8pages - 90gsm Bond

Natural Cotton Bound


3-5 Working days Posted Via Royal Mail


210mm x 148mm -



8pages (inner section 90gsm bond)


We bind the Order of Services with natual coton with a sewing machine.

Samantha & Anton

Here, Samantha and Anton wanted to leave a lasting impression with their wedding guests. Planting wild flowers to their future!