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Seed print

Business Cards

We get it. Networking can be dull. So up the ante with our plantable business cards. 

Oh this old thing? Yeah it’s actually packed with seeds. So when you’ve called me back to sign that big-money deal, just pop it in some soil, water it & Bob’s your Uncle! Wildflowers for days! I know, so sustainable too, right?!”

Good for bees. Good for business.

  • Made from fully recycled paper
  • Embedded with UK native wildflower seeds

Print. Plant. Grow. 

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Made from 100% post-consumable waste - Wild Flower Seeds


3-5 Working days Posted Via Royal Mail


85mm x 55mm

Samantha & Anton

Here, Samantha and Anton wanted to leave a lasting impression with their wedding guests. Planting wild flowers to their future!